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VPS Hosting FAQs

Most of the time, beginning webmasters typically select shared hosting to house their site. However, as time pass, they will soon realize how important it is to find a more stable and reliable hosting package. This becomes a dire need especially when the website start to grow and gain more visits from people.

If you want to subscribe for a VPS hosting, here are some FAQs you need to know.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS means Virtual Private Server. This is essentially a hosting package that mimics the perks of a dedicated server but utilizes a shared environment.

How does VPS hosting differ from shared and dedicated hosting?

With shared servers, there are no maximum number of users for it. Which means a single server may be used by 500 webmasters. VPS, on the other hand, uses one server but it is already partitioned into different virtual environments. Each environment offer baseline resources that guarantee a single webmaster the resources it needs when a sudden traffic spike on the website occurs.

Is VPS secure?

Definitely! VPS servers have dedicated RAMs CPUs and other resources. Unlike shared hosting, your data and processes are secured within its own virtual space.

Who is the best VPS provider?

There are mixed opinions about who the best and most efficient provider for VPS is. Signing up with big sites does make customers feel more secure. But you should not disregard smaller companies as they can be very reliable too. Make sure to check the company reviews before you get on board with their services.

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